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Articularis Healthcare is dedicated to preserving the private practice of rheumatology

Articularis Healthcare is redefining rheumatology practice. We provide our members with centralized services, so they can focus on what truly matters: their patients.

Infusion Suite Management

Centralized Services for Articularis Healthcare Members includes:

  • Human Capital Management including human resources, payroll, benefits, and retirement services;
  • Practice management expertise;
  • Practice compliance oversight;
  • Accounts payables and profit and loss reporting;
  • Revenue cycle management;
  • Payor and supplier contract negotiation;
  • Ancillary revenue streams (labs and X-Ray); and
  • Access to Articularis Rheumatology Network’s GPO
Services for Articularis Rheumatology Network’s (ARN) GPO* to include:

  • Cost-savings for biologic contracting and rebate programs;
  • Includes Lynx Mobile Inventory Management software;
  • ARN’s pathways with McKesson’s analytics software;
  • McKesson’s Total View analytics software to monitor margins and Payer data;
  • Option for physicians and administrators to purchase stock; and
  • There is no cost to join and there is no minimum to purchase.

By aggregating our volume and implementing proven concepts, we have reduced overhead and increased revenues for our locations. Contact us to learn more!

Ray Waldrup, CEO
P: 843-572-4840
*ARN’s GPO is a separate entity to Articularis Healthcare; practices are not required to be members of Articularis Healthcare for access to the ARN GPO. More information coming soon about becoming an affiliate member and for complete access to the GPO.


25 physicians, 10 mid- level providers, 12 locations and over 220 employees.
Our size allows us to invest in our biggest asset, our employees. We have assembled an executive team with education and expertise in many areas of healthcare allowing the local offices to concentrate on caring for patients while having resources available to solve operational, compliance, accounting, contracting and revenue cycle issues. Trying to deal with Meaningful Use, MIPS, MACRA and Value Based payments, is enough to overwhelm practice managers that have little to no help or resources to lean on.

Aggregating volume is a major factor, and is a two-fold advantage. The ability to consolidate HR, payroll, health insurance, malpractice, retirement and other benefits allows us to reduce costs and provide better products . Our volume also allows us to negotiate better contracts and to reach volume incentives and pricing that other practices cannot achieve.

Physicians enjoy the ability to discuss cases, protocols, system, and procedures with practitioners in other locations to gain different perspectives. They also benefit from reduced administrative burden and close relationships with vendors who can provide improved and more personal service.

We also added lab, x-rays, research and specialty pharmacy services to many of our locations allowing better access for patients and new revenue streams for those locations.

Our size has allowed us to develop and pilot a Clinical Pathway for RA with a major Payor. The pathway focuses on increasing quality while lowering costs and will allow shared savings benefits for our practices. We are also working on the first Alternative Payment Model in Rheumatology.

I learned long ago that any business is only as good as its people. I’ve consulted hundreds of practices over the last 25 years, and the problems are all the same; only the names and faces are different.

We’ve established a proven culture and mindset within Articularis and believe in three core values: product, people, and processes. The model has significantly increased revenues at our locations and has allowed us to invest in our employees. The ability to offer employees a dynamic benefits package, retirement plan, Monday – Thursday work week and top compensation empowers our practices to hire sophisticated employees who can proactively solve problems while enjoying a team atmosphere and a great work environment.

Our high quality staff allow us to lower costs, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. We’ve also lowered employee turnover in those locations.

Once our concepts are installed, the administrator or office manager is empowered to handle most daily operation issues as they are no longer burdened with many administrative issues. Our administrators hold an MHA or MBA degree and are highly qualified with many years of experience, allowing for most supervision to be handled on a local level.
All of our locations have NextGen EMR. TSI Healthcare is our service provider and has excellent customer support, reducing issues that may arise otherwise.

Each location possesses a unique database that limits issues as we grow. Training is much easier as offices can speak with each other for help and protocols for increased efficiencies.

We have helped develop and beta test several products for Cardinal Healthcare’s FUSE division and TSI Healthcare. The RA Pathway project was a joint project with both entities. FUSE also developed an infusion drug inventory ordering and dispensing product which has reduced labor and allows for tracking of inventory and utilization.

We are currently discussing new product solutions to identify research patient candidates, prior authorization simplification and smart phone apps for patients to make appointments, have reminder alerts, notifications if the physician is delayed, and push notifications to patients on waiting lists to fill cancelled appointments.

The biggest challenge is most humans, in general, don’t like change. When we implement our protocols, some have been performing tasks the same way for so long, they become a little uncomfortable. Once they realize we are reducing their work load, they buy in. Many employees have commented on the change and how much better they like the process, benefits and the 4-day work week.

Once the processes are installed and the right people are in place, the logistics are pretty easy. I try to visit every office with our managing partner once a quarter. Most issues or questions that arise can be handled with a phone call.

We founded Articularis Healthcare to help preserve the private practice of rheumatology for physicians in Georgia and South Carolina and to lower cost and increase value. The success of our model has allowed us to grow into the largest practice in the country without marketing or advertising.

With many practices struggling with all the changes with Value Based Medicine on the horizon, we are being contacted by groups from all over the country and are now planning to move into other states and partner with like-minded practices.

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