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Articularis Healthcare brings together the very best physicians and support staff dedicated to providing you an exceptional experience.

Articularis Healthcare Group, Inc (AHG) is a physician led and owned organization dedicated to improving healthcare by supporting independent rheumatology practices. As the nation’s largest Rheumatology specialty group, our affiliates have access to best business practices, advisory and management services, innovative practice performance technology, and value-based treatment pathways.

Relationship Opportunities

Rheumatology practices can become a member of American Rheumatology Network (ARN) or Articularis Healthcare Group (AHG) based on the membership that best fits their practice needs and goals. To learn more about membership options, please reach out to


Access to practice performance technology in clinical and administrative settings.


Align patient care and practice health with clinical and business improvements.


Access to a community of physicians dedicated to a common purpose.

What Our Members Are Saying

The wealth of knowledge in our network here at AHG, and the accessibility of our administrators and physicians, has made my life easier as an administrator. I also have access to a team that manages important tasks such as credentialing, human resources, payroll, and more, allowing me to focus on the day-to-day management of the practice.

Michael Cullen, MBA
Practice Administrator
Arthritis Center of North Georgia (A Division of Articularis Healthcare Group, Inc.)

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When you refer a patient to one of our network practices, you ensure that they will receive high-quality, personalized care.

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Learn more about our commitment to empowering better rheumatology care through an integrated and supportive network that helps local practices maintain their independence and flourish.

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