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I just love Arthritis associates! This place cares about me. They are very thorough and friendly. They treat you like family and they have me on the right treatment plan. I have never felt this good. Dr Shetty is Fantastic and the staff is just as awesome!

- Arthritis Associates Patient Review

Dr Sebba diagnosed me with Lupus when I was 13, I’m now 42, and have been a patient with Dr. Sebba & now Dr. Chawla most of my life. The care & compassion they provide is above & beyond. I have not found better rheumatologists anywhere so even when I’ve lived out of state I prefer to travel to be seen by them. The absolute BEST in their field.

- Arthritis Associates Patient Review

I absolutely love Dr. Rohwan Chawla. He has been my doctor for about 5 yrs. He is a very caring and thorough doctor. When he walks in the room he has a big smile…and greets me kindly.
He takes his time and explains everything very well to me. He’ll even type out instructions for me to follow when the dose of my meds change daily. Although, he is an extremely busy doctor, I’ve been fortunate enough to get an emergency appt. whenever I have a flare up. Which, causes acute pain and discomfort. I truly have to see Dr. Chawla

Patricia, at the front desk is so accommodating. She’s just a lovely person, sweet, big smile.
She has gone the extra mile to schedule emergency appts. when I call in. Then, I see Dr. Chawla within a few days. If, you have Lupus SLE and Sjögren’s syndrome, you understand how painful a flare up is.
The entire staff is amazing. They all get 5 stars!
I will definitely continue to be seen by Dr. Chawla. Because, I am a very happy and pleased patient!

- Arthritis Associates Patient Review

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