Patient Reviews

Dr Curran is thorough, professional and takes the time to answer each concern i have. The lab vampire ( blood draw professional) has been so good that she only has to make 1 stick, with no bruising the next day. She deserves a raise! As pleasant a drs visit that i have experienced!

- Carolina Upstate Rheumatology Patient Review

My appointment was to receive my annual infusion in connection with my osteoporosis. The staff in general are ALWAYS friendly and helpful. My nurse providing my infusion that day was the same. Also, she got my vein on the first try, which can be difficult, since I have severe Raynauds. Nothing is less enjoyable than having to endure numerous needle sticks until Eureka! we’ve hit a good vein.

- Carolina Upstate Rheumatology Patient Review

I been going to Dr Curran and she very good and answers my questions best she can. I recommend her if you don’t have a RA doctor. She sweet , kind and keeps my blood checked and makes sure I get the test I need keep me healthy as possible.

- Carolina Upstate Rheumatology Patient Review

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