Patient Reviews

I feel confident that I am in good hands with Dr. Mader. Dealing with a life changing illness such as psoriatic arthritis for 33 years has been difficult to say the least, however, without people like Dr. Mader it would have been unbearable. Thank you Dr. Mader.

- Greenwood Rheumatology Patient Review

Dr. Mador is very nice and I truly believe she genuinely cares about her patients. We have never felt like she didn’t have time for us or we were taking up too much of her time. Very pleased with her and the care she’s giving us.

- Greenwood Rheumatology Patient Review

Dr. Taylor Mader is the bestest!!! She is so kind and attentive, she listens and she really and truly care about her patients. She has the kindest spirit and lights up the room when she enters! She is truly a blessing to me!!! Thank you Dr. Mader for taking such good care of me!!!

- Greenwood Rheumatology Patient Review

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