Patient Reviews

Dr Leon and his staff are always kind and helpful. They treat you like you are special-never in a hurry and always either gets you a doctor or if it’s in his field he treats you with care and concern. I would recommend them to anyone!

- Premier Rheumatology of Alabama Patient Review

Dr. Ali is the first doctor who actually listened to my concerns. I love how she documents it but most importantly I love the fact that she listens to me. Thank you so much for being a concerning person and providing outstanding service…

- Premier Rheumatology of Alabama Patient Review

Couldn’t ask for a better doctor and staff. I had an accident on the way into their office on my last appointment, and they were very kind and handled it, x-ray, bandages and all. My experience with Dr. Adams and his entire staff has always been helpful and positive. I really appreciate the privilege of seeing the doctor and assistants in such a compassionate and professional practice.

- Premier Rheumatology of Alabama Patient Review

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